Equators - Gigantic Waves, I'm Not Here (Limited Edition LP)


Equators - Gigantic Waves, I'm Not Here (Limited Edition LP)


It's Just Great is thrilled to announce the sophomore long play from Equators. Gigantic Waves, I'm Not Here is the soundtrack to your dreams. It is immediately familiar yet unfamiliar. Advancing down a never-ending hallway, floating serenely through the fog, teleporting to locations unknown... Nothing is what it seems. The only constant is the kaleidoscopic color and nuance of Gigantic Waves, I'm Not Here. Written, produced, and recorded by Trevor Hacker in California + Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, Montréal, Myanmar, and Thailand.  

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, the LP edition is pressed on standard weight black vinyl with silkscreened cover (printed by All Gold). 

Side A:
Tut's Lazy Burial
Drifting I
Factory Reset
Drifting II

Side B:
Gigantic Waves
Drifting III
Space Cases
Second Wind
Drifting IV

Coming in early 2017

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