Announcing the theme of Issue #3: Tertiary

As promised, another update from It's Just Great. We'd like to share with you the theme of our upcoming third issue. As you can see in the title, we are dubbing this issue "Tertiary".


When discussing the work of an artist in retrospect, the importance of their first or second album is often up for discussion. Was their first album the best? Did their second album stand the test of time? Did they make it past the sophomore slump? While these notions are certainly subjective and open to interpretation, we can surely enjoy the discussions that arise from these sort of questions. 

We’ve chosen a group of musicians, some more familiar than others, that we think happened to have made it past the threshold of the sophomore slump. Often, an artist’s first album is something that brings them renown on the belief that they are a promising act — their premier artistic statement. When it comes time to release a second album, all eyes are watching to see if the artist can progress from their debut and blossom into a bona fide force to reckon with. After that, everything is up in the air.

For our third issue, we’re showcasing third albums from eight different artists. While we have our own opinions on whether they continued to make great tunes afterwards, we think that there’s something unique about each of these albums and would love a great discussion or argument about any of these records. So without further ado...

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